Apartments are suitable for our changing Lifestyle
Apartments are suitable for our changing Lifestyle The real estate business in India especially in Kerala is growing fast, properties either residential land, agricultural land, readymade villas, independent houses, high raised apartments or flats are selling like hot cakes. Before booking an apartment please verify the credibility of the builder and his capabilities to deliver the apartment in time with agreed quality and facilities. Always deal with reputed builders Owning an apartment now days are more than just livi...
Real Estate and Its Current Trends in Kerala
Real Estate and Its Current Trends in Kerala Keep update with the regularly changing developments in real estate is important for the effective dealing in the real estate industry. The once popular trend of investing in a property and then selling it for better profits on investment has been disappeared by potential buyers for homes with intention for living rather than to sell. The demand for individual homes in metros and surrounding townships especially major towns in Kerala like Kochi, Thiruvanathapuram etc has incr...
Top 10 Home buying tips
Top 10 Home buying tips 1. Don’t buy home for short duration stay If you are planning to buy a home for short duration stay for 2-3 years and if you can\\\\'t commit to remaining in one place for at least few years, then owning a home is probably not for you. With the registration fees and other transaction costs of buying and selling a home, you may end up losing money if you sell within a short period even a rising real estate market. Suppose, if prices of properties are falling you may end up with huge loss...
Feng Shui (Chinese Vastu Shastra)
Feng Shui The Chinese art of surviving in harmony with the environment is the Feng Shui and this leads all the lives to abundance, happiness, and contentment. Similar to Vastu in India, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive qi. Also, this includes a firm, passionate, and harmonious relationship and without all these things we are unlikely to be happy and contended. Being translated from...
Indian Vastu Shastra
Indian Vastu Shastra India is considered the mother of Vastu as the ancient saints have formulated various principles of it. It was written nearly thousand years ago where the sages kept in their minds the results of sunlight and energy and stabilizing all the nature\\\\'s five elements in such a way to get the maximum advantage out of it. In India, it evolved around 5000 years ago and is considered a super science whereas the origin of Chinese Feng Shui was 3500-4500 years ago. The principles of Indian Vastu Shastr...
The facts you needs to know about Vastu Shastra
The facts you needs to know about Vastu Shastra Vastu Shastra deals with the exercise of architecture and building science and in fact it gives a fair touch in every aspects of life on the earth as well as the universe. The basic theme remains a link that is ever-present between the man and cosmos. The word \\\\'Vastu\\\\' was originated from the term \\\\'VASTOSHPATI\\\\' which had its usage in the Rig Veda and is said to render happiness, prosperity, and protection in life and after death too. However,...
Stamp Duty and land registration in Kerala
Stamp Duty and land registration in Kerala The following are the main land registration expenses which need to be incurred by a buyer of land. a) Stamp Duty b) Registration Fees c) Document Writers Fees d) Legal Fees The stamp duties varies from place to place and depends on the cost of the land which is fixed by Government of Kerala based on its assessment, location of the properties, types of the land, road accesses etc. Stamp duty details of each location is available in the respective registrar office. Also, these d...
Green Homes – A new concept in House construction
The Green Homes is a concept of building homes environment friendly without harming the environment we lived in. The term green building refers to a construction process and the resulting building structure that is environmentally responsible. The origin of this concept dates back to 1970s in US fuelled by energy crisis and environment pollution. Of late, green buildings have gained prominence with many governments across the world embracing this concept and going in for these structures The reason for building greener ...
Beware of Bank Safe Deposit Boxes (July 2011)
Most of the Banks offer their customers \\\\\\\\"Safe Deposit Boxes\\\\\\\\" service at designated branches for a quarterly, half yearly or annual rental. The rentals charged will be vary from Rs 500-20,000 depending on the size of the safe deposit box and the city. Customers can arrange to store a box containing their valuables and important papers (such as jewelry, house deeds, investment certificates and other valuable documents) in the bank’s \\\\\\\\"strong room\\\\\\\\" or other secure ar...
Should an Investor buy Silver or Gold? – Silver a good investment option
Should an Investor buy Silver or Gold? – Silver a good investment option (Aug 2011) It is very important for an investor to first understand the economy and the financial systems prevalent in the market before he decides what to invest in any financial instruments or commodities. Investment demand for Silver for industrial use and jeweler making is rising in India and China. Silver prices have more than doubled in the last few months. China and India are the largest silver marketplaces globally. While unprecedente...

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